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jobs here, according to the president but microsoft's chief is on record saying it could push more u.s. jobs overseas. who is really going to pay for this? and now our guest. this looks good on the face, you give tax inducement to bring money and jobs back to america. >>guest: start with the fact that the united states is chasing businesses out of this country with our highest corporate income tax. we have talked about this. this cannot continue. we have the second highest corporate tax rate in the world so businesses are going to places like india and china and indonesia where they can get a better deal. our corporate tax rate is twice as high as the rest of the world. we talked about that in the wall street journal today. the president is saying, have a special tax on american companies like ibm and microsoft and general electric, that have plants and facilities overseas and have a special tax on them so when they bring that money back to the united states they have to pay higher taxes. the problem with this is the companies like ibm and microsoft are saying if you put this on us we
in front of the people in my district. they want us to focus on incentivizing people to get off the sidelines and start growing the private sector and small businesses. we are doing nothing to provide that stability in washington. >> neil: a real pleasure thank you very much. this is fascinating. something big is going on here. could be really big. taiwan, a mass weddin wedding . nearly 200 couples tying the knot simultaneously. all vowing to love, honor and respect. good times and in bad 'til death do they part. amazing. that's loyalty, huh? visit the site just like they did and send us your comments at what do you think on the special section there. i may read your e-mail less than two hours from now. you don't get it? >> get it. >> or at least e-mail. >> today we are asking do you think the president and the gop can reach a deal on the bush tax cuts? you bet your taxes, guess who is not. in government workers. a lot of government workers. and it ain't chump change. >>> two key players in the war against terror. former u.s. attorney general ss john man. cko t-shirt
to the private sector enough for all of us. the tea party does not need to do that. the tea party is the private sector. why take on big business? they create jobs that we need to get the economy going. that is a misguided statement on his part. >>neil: obviously he is putting a wider spin on your rage that it includes those who do not listen, who do not hear you; who do not feel your sense of unfairness. >>guest: here is the bottom line. it is not private industry that spent trillions into debt, $14 trillion. it is in the big business that made the deal with the union workers for g.m. it wasn't big business who picked which banks would succeed and fail. >>neil: you can look at wall street today and it has been positive things in the market and maybe times are better, they are getting better and the market is better, and the economy is getting better so your rage is misplaced. >>guest: it is not misplaced. the economy doing better, that is wonderful. and maybe it is because the tea party has gained so much ground and so much momentum that it is doing better. bill clinton said he wanted to ask wh
: the democratic candidate for the u.s. senate if missouri came out against allowing the bush tax to expire. and the democratic chairman of the senate budget committee from north dakota, senator conrad. but this is election year posturing. democrats know they are in deep difficulty on the economic issue, and a poll this week showed them behind on jobs, on the issue of the economy, and behind on spending and deficits and republicans high on health care, where democrats normally have a lead of 20 or 30 points. we will see if they back it up with the vote. >> so, this is a lot of politicking and at the end of the day taxes go up open the rich, is that what you think? >> i hope not. it depends on how many republicans are elected to the senate and house and how much spine they have and who blinks first next year. this will not be resolved in september and it will not be involved in a lame duck sotion. no modern lake duck session has ever passed a controversial piece of legislation as this will be. >> thank you. congressman from new york is on the phone. i told our audience you are going to campa
massachusetts joins us now. congressman, in 2007 president bush, then president bush agreed with nancy pelosi on a $168 billion stimulus plan. in march of 2009, president obama passed the $814 billion stimulus program. and now, after all this spending we have 1.percent growth. why do you think another stimulus program would work this time around? >>guest: we have to do something. doing nothing is not an option and if you are in trouble in a boat you cannot stop bailing. that is the worst possible option. >> but the president has been panicked into this. we have had two weeks of bad economic news. and the poll numbers have come down, down, down. there is an element of desperation here which people, voters, perceive. >>guest: i hope not. for me, i agree with it which generally, i don't necessarily support the details because i don't know the details. the concept is right. i don't care what the pup is, if it is political panicking, so be it, as long as it benefits the states and the economy of the country. >> why do more of something that has cost us an enormous deficit and hasn't given us econo
thing of every special interest group and organization, there is nothing that says "give us less." let us take our lumps now. more and more people are falling into that saying that is the right thing to do. >>neil: charles, great marketing story. the markets have done this before, with big run ups. maybe they are are running up nothing to do with what they think will happen if november and what is happening now, improving economics? >>guest: it could be. the all time high in the dow jones industrial average was a month before the great recession began so whether, that was not a look of what was to come but you look at history what we are looking at, in 1920, 152 and 1994, huge sweeps by the republicans and the market did not take off for a year but multiple years, we had the roaring 1920's, a rally that lasted 10 years and then the 1952 and 1953 and eisenhower, eight millionaires and a plumber. he was not a business guy but he had business people, a huge . >>neil: how would a market react to midterm phenomenon, then what? you would have gridlock and there are a lot of things which the
a couple of things that obama is turning back on him and trying to use as ammunition to turn the tide of the election. >> neil: interesting to me is mr. boehner has hinted of wheeling and dealing moves. something that he would consider. whether he could get other republicans in line is any one's guess but i suspect they would. they are willing to consider a two year extension of the tax cuts and calling it a day and not demanding making them permanent. i could see the theater behind this. by that point we are looking at, you know, a new president, assuming the president is defeated, that is what i'm sure mr. boehner hopes and then that is all knocked away. what do you make of the fact that he is willing to put a limit on it, a two year limit at that? >> look, i think that he is trying to, you know, fight the perception that they are just against everything all together no matter what it is. that is not a position that they want to present to the american public. but look, on the other hand, you know, president obama has ruled out extending the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. so
will be huge. just like your [ bleep ]. now, see, i would not go there. but there is a place to tell us exactly how you feel about us. what we are talking about, of course, our website. what they are talking about, of course, their website. fox world. send us your comments. pa rouse the what do you think section. i may read yours in less than an hour from now. you are on the site and perusing the interview with pat and other great interviews we do here. today we are asking this -- despite reports of fraud in the home buyer tax credit program, do you think it was worth it? answer that. a town hall, the president gearing up for preelection blitz to help the struggling democrats but is it all too late? a new network for conservatives. does the right network have the right stuff? kelsey is here. ♪ keep feeling fascination ♪ passion burning ♪ love is so strong ♪ stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at can earn you a free night -- host: could switching to
that is great and we are fighting against a single unified voice telling us what to do. that is the vision barack obama has for america. we will tell you what to do. we are the smarter and better and intellects and we went to ivy league university. the grass roots are united in our love of the country and belief in individual freedom and i don't think an overall cover group is a good idea. our strength lies in on the ground local organization and getting the vote out, working hard and not having a united front. there should be no bellwether organization that tells the tea party which ideally represents the american people, the joe six pack, whatever any one wants to call us, the average people what to do. it should be decided locally and individually and based on what is happening in your state and your community. >> neil: i don't want to mess with either of you. good seeing you. we'll see how the elections fare out tonight. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> neil: now, back to the democrats. nancy pelosi facing growing resistance from members pushing to eastbound tend all o exte
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9